New York State Eviction Moratorium

Most evictions can be delayed until at least August 31, 2021, IF you sign and deliver a
document called a Hardship Declaration

You can sign a Hardship Declaration because of:

  • FINANCIAL HARDSHIP: You should sign a Hardship Declaration if you cannot pay your full rent because
    your income was reduced or your expenses increased during COVID-19
  • HOUSING INSECURITY: You should sign a Hardship Declaration if, because of COVID-19, you would be
    unable to find new permanent housing.
  • HEALTH-RELATED HARDSHIP: If you or a member of your household is over 65, disabled, or have a
    health problem, you should sign a Hardship Declaration if leaving your home and moving would be a risk to either you or someone in your household.

  • If you have received eviction papers or already have an eviction case, do these two things:
    1. Sign and send the Hardship Declaration to the court, AND
    2. Send a copy to the landlord or landlord’s lawyer.
  • If your landlord has not yet tried to evict you, send the Declaration to your landlord or property
  • If you have already been served with an eviction warrant, but are still in your home, send the
    Declaration to the court AND your landlord, or bring it to court.
  • Make sure you keep a copy of the Hardship Declaration for yourself to show the court.

AUGUST 31, 2021


If your landlord is trying to evict you because you are creating a nuisance or health/safety hazard to other tenants, a Hardship Declaration will not stop an eviction. The eviction can go forward, but your landlord must prove these claims to the court.

Even though evictions are being delayed because of COVID-19, you still owe the rent, and you should pay it if you can.

If you have received eviction papers from your landlord or a court and you need help filling out a Hardship Declaration, please call us at 877-777-6152.

Download the Hardship Declaration Here:

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